Welcome To TV Drama Land + Virtual Tour

Greetings and welcome to TV Drama Land!! This land community was created for all those who love dramatic television and would like to share that love with others--and earn points doing it. From dramedies to epic eras to teen soaps, we invite you to indulge in your favorites and discover new fandoms.

Ours is a great and growing community, so here is a virtual tour to help you get acclimated to the land:

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In order to apply for an ensemble spot, please
fill out the application below as a comment to this post.
If someone referred you and you'd like to be on the same
team as them, please add that to your application.

While you are allowed to request placement with a specific person, you are not allowed to request a particular ensemble.

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What is a land community? How does this work?

What is a land community?
A landcomm is an interactive community based around a particular theme.
Also, a land community is a community where fans of a specific fandom come together to participate in writing, graphics, media, puzzle, luck and trivia challenges, and other things to accumulate points for their teams.


This community's theme is television dramas. No other form of fandom-activity will be accepted, with few exceptions.

When you apply and are accepted, you're placed on a "team," which are called ensembles here. When you're placed with your ensemble, you can participate in numerous activities throughout the land. Every time you complete an activity or a challenge (or other forms of participation) you earn points for yourself and your team.

The ensemble with the most points at the end of the Season wins for that season! When an ensemble wins, all points zero out and we start a new season. The ensemble that wins will get a banner that is placed on their community profile. And, of course, bragging rights. There's also the Ensemble Trophy - which will be placed on the Ensemble's profile. When a new ensemble wins, it will be removed and given to the new winner.

For a introductory tour of the land, go here.

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